Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a reservation for scent-blending and product-making at Moonshot Studio? 
    • Walk-ins are welcome; we suggest reservations for groups of 4 or more.
    • Good to know: The frequency of group events held at Moonshot Studio is growing, and the store is sometimes reserved for private events in 2.5 hour blocks on weekdays, so calling ahead (415-720-6142) to verify availability is always welcome, especially for our customers coming from outside the area or on a timeline.
    • For group events of 9-32 people, reservations are always required and available with multiple customization options. 
    How do I make a reservation?
      How much does this activity cost?
        • Pricing includes the scent-blending activity and the product you choose.
        • Candles range from $36 for our classic 7.5 oz. candle (in six jar colors) up to $62 for an 18 oz. handmade ceramic 3-wick vessel, with numerous beautiful options in between.
        • Reed Diffusers, Room & Body Sprays and Wax Tarts range from $22 to $36
        How long does it take to make a product?
          • Selecting your scents from among our 80+ choices, creating your own blend and mixing your custom scent blend into the product of your choice takes approximately 40-45 minutes for 1-2 people. For each additional 2 people, the process generally takes an additional 10 minutes, which accounts for the additional fun social interactions.
          Can I take my custom-scented candle home the same day?
            • Yes. Our classic 7.5 oz. candles take 90 minutes after the wax is poured for us to provide finishing steps before they can be taken away (larger candles take 2 hrs.). The 7.5 oz. candles poured at least 90 minutes before the store closes can be picked up the same day. Or we are happy to hold candles for you to pick up another day during regular business hours. For groups, we can make special pick-up arrangements.
            Do you offer any products that are ready to take home right away?
              • Yes. Custom-scented Reed Diffusers and Room & Body Sprays are ready to take away as soon as the product is mixed.
              • We sell single-scent, pre-made candles in all of our 80+ scent options.
              • We offer 4 pre-made candles in our beautiful Celestial Scents collection for purchase.
              • We also offer a selection of gifts for purchase, such as 3-Piece Candle Tool Kits, electric Wax Warmers and decorative Candle Knots.
              What are the ingredients in Moonshot Studio's candles?
                • We use a soy wax blend, cotton & paper wicks and premium fragrance oils in glass and ceramic jars to offer candles that are high quality, slow burning, very true to scent, and with ingredients that are a majority natural, renewable resources.
                How old do you need to be to make a custom scent-blend and product?
                  • Our customers are usually over 8 years old, but well-coordinated, scent-interested and supervised children as young as 4 years old have successfully made products at Moonshot Studio.
                  Can I host a party at Moonshot Studio?
                    • Yes; we love group events! We offer semi-private and private options that include reserved seating and use of our Private Event Room.
                    • Contact us by the reservation tool or by phone (415-720-6142) for information about planning a fun and creative:
                      • birthday party
                      • bridal/baby shower
                      • ladies' day out
                      • family gathering
                      • staff appreciation event
                      • team-building activity, etc.
                    Do you make large/wholesale/resale orders?
                      • Yes! We offer discounted pricing for large orders of any of our scented products.
                      • Private Label products, in which you create a custom scent-blend and custom labeling, are available at discounted pricing for orders over 25 products. Private Label products make wonderful gifts for organizations, individuals and families.
                      • Call us at 415-720-6142 for details!