About the Studio

Moonshot Studio owner Teresa Fitzgerald deeply connected with the idea of scent-blending and custom candle-making as a fun and interactive retail experience after experiencing it as a customer in a store with a similar concept in early 2020.

When Moonshot Studio opened in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco in September 2021, Teresa committed to combining the best elements of her experience as a customer with a Bay Area ambiance.

Not only does making candles allow participants the unique experience of exploring a huge selection of scents and scent combinations, but it also has wonderful social elements and can be enjoyed by people with a wide range of interests, abilities, and ages. And the very close connection in the human brain between scents and memory allows you to revisit great memories of the creative activity as part of the long-lasting enjoyment of your custom-scented products.

The Studio and event space are open with regular business hours 6 days a week, with options for private events outside of regular business hours. Additionally, Moonshot Studio produces medium and large-scale orders of custom-scented “private label” products for customers’ businesses and private events.

Why name it "Moonshot Studio?"

“Moonshot” is a power-packed word, evoking images of long-hit homerun baseballs and Kennedy-era aspirations for space travel. It has evolved to represent ideas and activities that bring out the best in people – in creative fields, in business, and in personal endeavors.

For Teresa, this store is her post-corporate career dream – the realization of a challenging and fulfilling personal moonshot. For you, a moonshot in our studio may be as simple as the recognition that creating custom scents are an expansion of your interests and skills, and the enjoyment of creating deliciously fragrant products in the company of friends. “Studio” signals the environment of creativity, the appreciation that scent-blending is far more art than science, and a place where personalization enhances your shopping experience.

We can't wait to host you!

Whether you come for a solo scent adventure or with family, friends, co-workers or others, Teresa and staff are very eager to welcome you to the creative process of scent-blending and custom product-making. Come create candles and other products that perfectly match for your unique scent preferences!