About The Studio




Moonshot Studio owner Teresa Fitzgerald enjoyed a short hiatus from a non-profit and corporate management career, and was considering new ways to connect with her community and form a business with elements of artistry and fun. The idea to develop her own scent and candle studio in San Francisco was born and nurtured in early 2020. 

With immense amounts of help from family, friends, former co-workers and many others, Teresa began business development, product testing and site scouting in early 2020. 

Following months of delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic, she then resumed business development, secured a beautifully-renovated location in Noe Valley, and opened Moonshot Studio in September 2021 as a new retail business and creative space.

Teresa’s current favorite fragrance blends:

  • a fresh, relaxation-inducing mix of eucalyptus, mint and rosemary
  • a spicy chai tea and clove blend
  • a bright, “wake-up” combination of honeycrisp and almond


Why name it “Moonshot Studio”? 

“Moonshot” is a power-packed word, evoking images of long-hit homerun baseballs and Kennedy-era aspirations for space travel. It has evolved to represent ideas and activities that bring out the best in people – in creative fields, in business and in personal endeavors. 

For Teresa, this store is her post-corporate career dream – the realization of a challenging and fulfilling personal moonshot. For you, a moonshot in our studio may be as simple as the recognition that creating custom scents are an expansion of your interests and skills, and the enjoyment of creating deliciously fragrant products in the company of friends. “Studio” signals the environment of creativity, the appreciation that scent-blending is far more art than science, and a place where personalization enhances your shopping experience.