Candle Making Experience

The Moonshot Studio team can't wait to host you in our elegantly scentalicious store and event space for a wonderful scent-blending and candle-making experience! No prior experience needed.

Step 1

Choose Your Scents

With a clipboard in hand, you'll walk along our scent wall, sniffing & smelling to your heart's content and writing down all the scents (from 80+ choices!) that appeal to you.

Usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Step 2

Select Your Product

From our beautiful selection of candle jars in various sizes and styles, as well as other home and body product options, you'll choose your favorite vessel and bring it to the blending bar.

Usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 3

Blend, Pour, & Mix

At the blending bar, our staff will help you create a wonderful, personalized scent-blend from your scent choices. Then, pour and mix your scent-blend into your chosen jar or bottle to create your fully custom-scented product! Note that candles require a finishing period before they can be taken away - 90 minutes for small jars and 120 minutes for large jars.

Usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Step 4

Enjoy Your New Product

Our high-quality products will provide you with many hours of gorgeous fragrance at home, work or wherever you choose to use them. And if made for someone else, your recipient will love the care you used to create a truly personal and fragrant gift.

Make a Plan to Visit!

Whether you come in with your friends, family, co-workers, a date or as a solo fragrance adventurer, the selection and blending experience creates memories to cherish.

Reservations are suggested for groups of 4 or more; walk-ins of 1-3 people are welcome and seated on a first come-first serve basis. For group events of 9-32 people, reservations are always required and available with multiple customization options.

Good to know: On occasion, the store is reserved on weekdays for private events, and Saturdays are our busiest days. Calling ahead (415-720-6142) to verify walk-in availability is always welcome, especially for our customers coming from outside the area or on a timeline.

Make Your Reservation

Scheduled Classes

If you prefer a structured class vs. our retail experience, book into a "Public Class" through our partner, Class Bento. This is an enhanced experience with fun candle facts and extra details about candle materials shared, in addition to the full scent-blending and candle-making experience.

ClassBento is also an alternative way to schedule group events at Moonshot Studio.

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