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Make your own candles, home scents, and body products at our Noe Valley Studio.

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Welcome to Moonshot Studio

Moonshot Studio is a haven for your sense of smell and an inspirational spot to create your own signature candle or custom-scented body products.

Whether you come in with your family, date, friends, or as a solo fragrance adventurer, the selection and blending experience creates memories to cherish. Choose from among our 80+ fragrances, blend your favorite combinations, and walk away with affordably luxurious items to treasure in your home and on your body.

Below are a few of the items that are available to create, with custom-made candles starting at $36.


Candles, our most popular products, are made from a soy wax blend, cotton wicks and fragrance oils. They are clean-burning and long-lasting (approximately 40 hours of burning time for 7.5 oz.), with the natural ivory color of soy wax. We carry a variety of beautiful candle jars, including 7.5 oz. single-wick glass jars in six colors, 13.5 oz. double-wick hand-blown glass jars in 3 designs, adorable owl and kitty jars, 18 oz. 3-wick handmade ceramic vessels, and others. We also offer 80+ pre-made 7.5 oz. candles and 4 oz. candles in gold-colored metal tins.

Reed Diffusers
& Wax Tarts

Reed diffusers and Wax Tarts provide flameless ways to disperse fragrance blends into your home, office, business and other indoor environments. These items are perfect for bringing beautiful scent into surroundings where a flame is not desirable or is not permitted (apartments, dorm rooms, retirement communities & other community spaces). We carry a limited selections of electric warmers for the Wax Tarts, too.

Room & Body Sprays

For a quick burst of scent that lasts for at least 3-5 hours per application, Room & Body Sprays are a great choice. These portable 4 oz. mists are skin and fabric safe. Use them on your body as a personal fragrance, and as another flameless option for dispersing fragrance indoors -- as a way to scent your bed linens, refresh a car’s interior, mask odors or enhance your mood through scent.

Try Our Unique Blending Experience!

  • Choose from 80+ scents (herbals, flowers, spices, seasonals & more).

  • Blend at the DIY fragrance bar to create your unique scent.

  • Add your scent blend to candles, reed diffusers, wax tarts, room & body sprays and other products for home & body.

  • Enjoy bringing scent into your personal environment!
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    Moonshot Studio Staff

    Come explore our store today and let the Moonshot Studio staff help you create amazing, custom-scented products!

  • We welcome walk-ins during all business hours.

  • Reservations recommended for groups of 4 or more

  • For group events and all types of parties, we have a Private Room that seats up to 16 people.

  • Our Noe Valley store is intentionally welcoming and inclusive!
    We accommodate individuals with mobility challenges, provide fragrance names in English, Spanish and Chinese, offer a high chair for little “assistants,” and have staff assistance to meet the needs of all participants.

    Studio Hours*

    Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Friday & Saturday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    Sunday: 12:00 - 5:00 PM Monday: Closed

    *The store is sometimes reserved for private events in 2.5 hour blocks on weekdays. Feel free to call ahead (415-720-6142) to verify availability, especially for our customers coming from outside the area or on a timeline.

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    "We’ll always do our best to give every fragrance blender – first-timers to experienced repeaters – an experience to remember in an environment of friendliness and hospitality."

    ~Teresa, Owner